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Prom Season

Prom is around the corner and Downtown San Fernando offer plenty of shops with great deals, and the latest fashion for your prom!

Here are a few tips and check for your prom!


Do: Think about what colors look best with your skin tone. Tip: Jewel tones like sapphire and amethyst look amazing on everyone and great on camera.

Do: Stick to solid colors and stay away from crazy patterns. Wild patterns can look totes amaze in person, but they don’t always photograph well. (We know prom is really all about the Instagram pics.)

Do: Focus on fit. It’s everything! If a dress fits you well, you’ll feel as confident and fabulous as you are. A dress that’s too tight doesn’t equal a fun night. You want to actually be able to bust some serious dance moves in your dress…it is PROM, after all.

Do: Remember that if a dress doesn’t fit you perfectly or is too long, you can always get it altered. (I’m kind of short, so I always have to get formal dresses hemmed.) Use Yelp to shop around for inexpensive, but reliable tailors.

Do: Start looking early. You don’t want to be scrambling to find a dress and get it altered, if necessary, the weekend before prom.


1. Girls: get a dress, Guys: get a suit or tux.

This seems pretty self-explanatory, and probably not something you need to be reminded of. But for the sake of being thorough, it’s No. on our list. While the supplies are full, now’s a good time to start looking at your options.

2. Make your hair/nail/salon appointments.

Salons get booked up quickly during prom season, so make sure you make yours early, after you know the date of your prom

When you’re making an appointment, give yourself at least an hour before you need to leave the salon. Appointments, hair especially, can take much longer than you think.

3. Coordinate your before prom plans

Dinner, prom pictures, rides – having good pre-prom plans will give the most memorable night of your high school career a great start. Coordinate who you’re getting dinner with, where you’re getting dinner, and where you’re taking prom photos. Make dinner reservations early. Figure out how you’re getting from place to place, whether it be a friend driving, a taxi or a limo.

4. Figure out your post-prom plans, too.

Don’t end your night on the dance floor. Make plans with your friends to go to a bonfire or a cheap diner for a midnight meal. Do something, even if you just grab your buddies, go back to someone’s place and watch television. Make the night last as long as possible. Make it something to remember.

5. Know what to bring with you.

Do the “phone, keys, wallet” check. Or if you don’t want to bring your whole wallet, at least make sure you have your debit/credit card or enough cash to get you through the night. Also take along:

Prom ticket: It would just be plain awful if you forgot this.
ID card: Whether it’s your school ID to get into the prom, or you just your license, it’s always god to have your ID on you.
Gum or mints: You never know when your breath (or a friend’s) will need an extra pick-me-up. Gum or mints are all around good to have.
Lipstick: Girls, you should consider this. If you’re wearing lipstick for prom, it would be a good idea to bring it along. Lipstick fades, smears, and sometimes dries up and looks clumpy. Bring your lipstick with you to keep your lip color looking fresh.
Flats: We all know that it is torture to keep those 6-inch heels on all night. Bring a pair of flats, especially if your after prom plans require any walking. Your feet will thank you.
6. Don’t forget to have fun!

When you’re getting ready to go, make sure you grab your humor, good mood, and your best picture smile. Prom is only as much fun as you make it. This night is about you, your friends and your youth. Soak up as much of the experience as you can.


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